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IE Save Buddy  v.1.0

How to save information from Internet in one second? With perfect style? Without any other annoying stuff? How to find out all you have saved easily? It's a piece of cake for IE Save Buddy.

'IE Save Buddy  v.1.0

How to save information from Internet in one second? How to find out all you have saved in one second? It's a piece of cake for IE Save Buddy. IE Save Buddy is integrated with Internet Explorer very well. It helps you collect,



CaptureSaver lets you capture and permanently save information into an off-line research and reference library while you are surfing the Internet. It ensures you stop losing valuable information and always have what's important at your fingertips.


The smart renamer for your digital pictures. Generate unique file names for your thousands of jpg files which will allow you to copy them to the same directory without file name conflicts. Modern digital cameras save information about the picture in EXIF

Office Outlook Password Recovery

Microsoft outlook express missing password retrieval software retrieve forgotten email account identity password. Backup utility reveal encrypted asterisks character string of password textbox in their original format and save information at user

A-book  v.

A-book is an ideal address book that will help you save information about every person you know. It comes with a lot of useful tools to make things easier for you.

Cookie Guard  v.1 42

If you do not want the sites you visited to save information on your computer and use them without your permission ,Cookie Guard is definitely the most useful and extensive software to be used against cookies.

Registry Repair Wizard  v.2008.5

Registry Repair Wizard boosts your system performance by repairing your registry. The registry is the place where all the applications save information on how they work and about your settings. It is also the heart and soul of your computer.

M9P Phonebook  v.1 2

m9P Phonebook is mental9Production's phone book database application. This PIM (personal information manager) is a very simple and easy to use program. You can use m9P Phonebook to save information about your contacts.

Professional File Recovery  v.

Effective premium data retrieval software restores missing data including documents, music files collection, digital pictures, hidden folders and other save information.

Baggle.Com Bagger  v.1.0

This software lets you save information on items you find while shopping online to a single wish list.

NetPicker  v.2.0

Save information from the Web and organize it with NetPicker. The software allows you to select and save a portion of a Web page by dragging it from your browser.

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